Plant Exports National Documentation Hub and Plant Exports Management System (PEMS)

The Department of Agriculture is improving the documentation process for plant exports. The Plant Exports National Documentation Hub is being established in Melbourne to make the documentation process more efficient.

15 November 2013

Sterile Insect Technology Initiative

Today the South Australia Government made a commitment to build a fit-for-purpose Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) facility in Upper Spencer Gulf at a cost of $3 million.

07 November 2013

Permit issued for clothianidin

A permit for clothianidin for fruit fly control in pome fruit, summer fruit, cherries and persimmons has been issued. (SUMITOMO SAMURAI SYSTEMIC INSECTICIDE)

Download the file below:

01 November 2013

Tim Reid: Farmer of the year

Tim Reid wins Farmer of the yearCongratulations to Tasmanian cherry farmer Tim Reid on winning Australian Farmer of the Year.

Read the press release below.

01 November 2013

2013 Cherry Conference

The 2013 Victorian Cherry Conference has finished, but highlights are available.

10 October 2013
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