VCA propose new CGA restructure and Levy amendment

At the recent VCA AGM, discussions were held about the restructure of CGA and the current levy and as a result the following proposal was unanimously agreed upon and forwarded to CGA:


MOTION: “The VCA proposes the following Option 3 for the restructure of CGA:
• CGA ceases
• Form a Company Limited by Guarantee
• Independent Chair person
• Board members selected on skill set
• All paying levy members are members of the new Company
• Board members positions become vacant after 1 year but can be re-nominated
• Voting entitlements of members is based on levy paid eg.
• <100 tonne = 1 vote
• 100-200 tonnes = 2 votes
• Capped at maximum of 10 votes per member
The VCA reject Option 1 and 2 previously offered.”

MOVED: T. Jones
Unanimous Vote of agreement by members.

MOTION: “The VCA proposes the following changes to the levy contribution:
Research and Development 3.8c
Biosecurity .2c
Marketing 0c
Industry 0c
That the above is collected by Government and matched dollar for dollar.
That the voluntary collection value of 3c per kilo be a voluntary contribution to fund the new structure proposed by the VCA.

MOVED: T. Jones
Unanimous vote of agreement by members.


14 October 2016

Results of the Backpacker Tax


The. Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Better working holiday maker tax arrangements

The Turnbull Government recognises that working holiday makers are an important part of Australia’s $43.4 billion tourism industry and a key source of labour, particularly in the agriculture, horticulture, tourism and hospitality sectors. We also recognise, as do stakeholders, that working holiday makers should pay fair tax on their earnings.

At the 2016 election the government committed to review the tax arrangements for working holiday makers by the end of the year.

Today Cabinet has approved the following changes:

From 1 January 2017 the Government will set the tax rate applying to working holiday makers at 19 per cent on earnings up to $37,000, rather than the 32.5 per cent announced in the 2015-2016 Budget, with ordinary marginal tax rates applying after that. The Government will also reduce the application charge for working holiday maker visas by $50 to $390. These changes will lower the cost of coming to Australia for working holiday makers and leave them with more money in their pockets to spend while here.

Read more of this Media Release.........

14 October 2016

2016 NSW Cherry Growers Association Annual Season Launch

Anyone with an interest in the Cherry or Horticulture Industry is welcome to attend and don’t forget to bring your families, staff, agents and suppliers or anyone who may also be interested in the topics to be discussed. Please view the attached Agenda to see the excellent line up of speakers we have. Friday night will be our Annual Gala Dinner which is always a fun evening with excellent opportunities for networking!

Where:                                 The Hotel Canobolas, Orange NSW

When:                                   Friday 21st October 2016 (Conference and Gala Dinner)

                                             Saturday the 22nd October 2016 (Brunch and Orchard and Shed Tours at Caernarvon Cherry Co)

Registrations close:             Friday 7th October 2016


Please see attached Agenda and Registration Forms for further information.

The NSW Cherry Growers Association looks forward to seeing you there!

14 October 2016

You are invited to the 2016 VCA Annual General Meeting

You are invited to the 2016 VCA Annual General Meeting on 3 October 2016 at Wild Cattle Creek Estate, Wandin.



22 September 2016

Strategic Plan released!!

Hort Innovation’s Strategic Plan has been finalised. It is the roadmap that enables the organisation to guide, deliver and track our direction and investment as we grow the future of Australian horticulture.

Most importantly, the Plan gives our stakeholders the transparency and certainty that we always have our eye on the prize, our activity is consistently geared to delivering on our investments, whilst communicating and listening to stakeholders in an environment of continuous improvement.

Please find the link to the Plan for your information.






20 June 2016
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