Notice to All Cherry Growers/Exporters

Dear Cherry Grower and/or Exporter

The Department of Agriculture in conjunction with CGA has put out the Industry Advisory notice for exports into Protocol Markets in addition to the Registration Form dated 31 July 2014.

These are available below for download, for growers in SA, VIC and NSW completed forms along with property maps identifying export blocks need to be returned to CGA by 15 August 2014.

Registration forms will be checked by Charlotte Brunt who is based in Melbourne and myself, to see if any extra information is required. We will then send them we send them to Canberra by 25th August so they can begin their auditing processes.

Please contact me on my details below or Charlotte on 0420 284 439, or email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions please call us.

The Tasmanian registrations will be managed by Fruit Growers Tasmania through Nick Featherstone.

Please note that a separate form will need to be filled out for :

·         Orchard registration

·         Pack house registration

·         Treatment facilityregistration

One of the key aspects of the protocol markets is the requirement  to carry out Training for Crop Monitoring and we are looking to hold Registration/Training Day (s) in SA, VIC and NSW or a combined day as soon as possible.

Can you please email Charlotte and I  by COB on 5 August 2014  if you are going to Register for the Protocol Markets  so  we can set up the appropriate day(s) especially in relation to monitoring from bud burst which is close by or may have just commenced in your region and /or State.

FGT is organising a Registration/Training day  in Tasmania on 25 August  2014.

To assist in this process a Biosecurity Management Team consisting of Simon Boughey at the CGA office, Nick Featherstone from FGT, Charlotte Brunt and  Andrea Magiafoglou based in Victoria and Peter Morrison and Penny Measham from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture are working to put all of this together.

The team will also work with growers in regions for the upcoming season and future seasons on matters such as:

·         Export registrations;

·         Training and crop monitor programs;

·         Assisting growers and exporters on matters that may arise during the season;

·         Working with the Australian Department of Agriculture on audits of orchards and pack houses;

·         Coordinating audits and inspections with officers from importing countries in conjunction with DOA and other state agencies.

Also attached is a letter from Andrew Smith and Hugh Molloy in relation to the importance of and  a new way forward for the Australian Cherry Industry through the Biosecurity Management Programme from 2014 out to 2020.

Also copies of the:

·         The 2014/15 edition of the expanded  Cherry Export Guide; and

·         The 2014/15 Integrated Pest and Disease Management Calender;

both of which have been provided and distributed across the country for several years by CGA  and will again be made available from next week to those who are intending to export in the coming season.  Electronic versions can also be accessed on the CGA Website from next week.

If you have any questions please call Charlotte and I.

Yours sincerely

Simon Boughey

Simon Boughey

Chief Executive Officer

Cherry Growers Australia Inc. 262 Argyle Street Hobart.Tasmania 7000

Telephone:Office  03 62311229 Mobile 0419 871 824 Fax 03 62311929

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.