Yarra Valley Fruit Fly Co-ordinator appointed

New face in town to help keep Yarra Valley fruit fly free

A Fruit Fly Regional Coordinator has been appointed in the Yarra Valley to help protect horticultural production and keep the area fruit fly free.

While many methods are used to control fruit fly, the critical factor is people working together. In the current Action Plan, the role of the Regional Coordinator is crucial for ensuring industry, community and government cooperate to effectively manage fruit fly.

Bronwyn Koll has been employed by Agribusiness Yarra Valley to work directly with the fruit fly Regional Governance Group which includes representation from major horticultural producers, local and state government, and community members from the area.

Bronwyn's two year appointment is part of the $6.7 million Managing Fruit Fly – Regional Grants Program to provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to fruit fly management across the Greater Sunraysia, the Yarra Valley and the Goulburn Murray Valley.

Bronwyn's family has been growing fruit in the Yarra Valley for four generations, so she understands the local industry and is passionate about protecting it for future generations.

"My top priority is to work with Yarra Valley fruit and vegetable industries, council and the local community to keep the Yarra Valley free from Queensland fruit fly."

"Our fresh produce industries and amazing edible home gardens in the Yarra Valley are very valuable assets and worth protecting," Ms. Koll said.

Based in Wandin, Bronwyn will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Yarra Valley Fruit Fly Regional Action Plan that was developed collaboratively by industry, government and community in the area.

Some of the tasks include working with the Yarra Valley horticultural community to reduce the risk of fruit fly entering the Yarra Valley, establishing a fruit fly trapping program as an early warning system to prevent fruit fly and engaging with the local community to build capacity to identify Queensland  fruit fly.

"Building awareness within the Yarra Valley community is an integral part of the state wide approach to controlling the population and movement of Queensland fruit fly, and reducing the devastation it causes."

"I look forward to also working with the Goulburn Murray Valley and Sunraysia Regional Coordinators. Together we play a significant role in protecting our fresh produce industries and our home gardens in Victoria."

For more information, please contact Bronwyn on 0490 381 999  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..