Soil management


Humus Compost plays role in creating soil structure

Good orchard managers know that loose, crumbly soil structure helps produce high quality fruit. Compost is the single most indispensable input in ensuring good soil structure for fruit production as well as healthy root and plant development, soil biological activity, nutrient retention, erosion control and moisture management...
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Drought strategies and fertilisers in Orchards

Nitrogen fertiliser still needs to be applied to fruit trees after harvest – especially taking into account the difficult season the trees have been through since the spring of 2006.

Nitrogen after harvest helps with flowering and fruit set after winter dormancy and fruit size development in the first four weeks after flowering.

Some post-harvest irrigation water will still be needed to apply nitrogen in one or two applications once the crop is off. Where possible, decide on the best time to stretch the final irrigations and apply the fertiliser then, rather than applying an irrigation immediately after harvest.
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