Australian Government- Austrade: New and extended IFAM supported flights + IFAM eligibility update

New and extended IFAM supported flights
As part of phase 2, the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) is pleased to announce the following new and extended flights. Also, all flights are now open 72 hours prior to departure for all freight forwarders to access.

Full details of all available IFAM-supported flights can be found in the IFAM Flight Schedule Outbound and IFAM Flight Schedule Inbound

IFAM eligibility update
In line with the Government’s announcement on 3 April 2020 of an additional $241.9 million, IFAM will continue to support airfreight capacity in and out of Australia.  
Eligibility for products supported by IFAM has shifted to being determined by a set of overarching principles rather than only specific commodities. These principles determine eligibility based on Australian-made or produced products that are: 

  • High value,
  • Time-sensitive,
  • Reliant on airfreight, for example, due to perishability or are: 
    • products that could not be sent by an alternative to airfreight without losing their essential product characteristics or value
    • goods that have a limited shelf life or are required to meet a sudden or immediate need.


  • Otherwise deemed to be in the national interest.

Many of the agriculture and seafood products supported by IFAM to date will remain eligible; however, IFAM will not be limited to agriculture and seafood goods, and products meeting the above principles may be considered for IFAM support.  
Additional products now eligible under the principles framework may include medicines which have a short shelf life, are high-value and are reliant on airfreight to meet a sudden or immediate need – for example, blood products, or raw material ingredients for pharmaceuticals.