About the VCA


Membership of the Victorian Cherry Association (VCA) is open to any person engaged in the cherry industry or who is interested in the industry or the objectives of the VCA.

VCA objectives:

  • To promote, foster and protect the Victoria cherry industry and to establish a closer bond of unity and cooperation amongst all persons engaged in the industry.
  • To advise members on matters relating to the cherry industry.
  • To promote or oppose measures affecting the cherry industry.
  • To communicate to members information on all matters affecting the association and the objects of the association and to print, publish, issue and circulate leaflets and other publications as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the association.
  • To represent the members and the cherry industry generally in any other organisation concerned with the industry.


VCA committee 2016-17

President Alison Jones
Vice President Michael Rouget
Treasurer Chris Turnbull
Secretariat Fruit Growers Victoria
General Committee Michael AumannSteve Chapman, John Learmonth

Cherry Growers Australia (CGA)

CGA is the national organisation that represents the interests of its member states and cherry growers from around Australia. VCA is a member of CGA.

More information on the CGA and its activities can be found at www.cherrygrowers.org.au

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