Covid 19 Updates- 16.11.2021

Current restrictions in Victoria

Visit the website for more information on current Victoria restrictions.

Translated materials to support businesses and community groups 
Posters, signs and guides - To remind your workers, patrons and visitors of what they need to do to be COVIDSafe, there are updated posters and signage. Some of these have been translated into other languages. Other translated materials include social media posts explaining how to access your COVID-19 digital certificate and audio explainers with step-by-step instructions on how to upload your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app. A digital Steakholder pack can be accessed here which includes valuable links and downloadable documents in languages other than English. 
Covid 19 – Facts and Requirements for the Harvest Season after 80% Vaccination Rate.

  • Covid Plans need to be kept up to date and be available to the Department of Health and human services or Work Safe Victoria
  • Workers need to be made aware of Covid Plans and kept up to date with any changes made to the plan
  • All workers on a property must be vaccinated
  • It is the responsibility of host businesses to check that contractors have the correct immunization records for their employees. Contractors are responsible for keeping these records.
  • Masks are not required when working in an orchard for vaccinated workers
  • Work bubbles should be created to reduce the mixing of workers on site to minimise the potential for spread.
  • Workers need to get tested as soon as they have any symptoms of Covid 19 and they should not return to work until they have a negative result.

More detailed information on any of these points can be found at
If you have a positive COVID case in your workplace, you must manage this.  The steps to follow are covered here: Confirmed case in the workplace | Coronavirus Victoria