Labour Hire Licensing Update

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Just a reminder that Labour hire providers have until 29 October 2019 to apply for a licence with the Authority to continue operating in Victoria. Providers who submit an application before 30 October 2019 may continue to operate until a decision is made on their application.

From 30 October 2019, hosts must only use licensed labour hire providers or providers who have applied for a licence before 30 October 2019 and have not had their application refused. 

Hosts are encouraged to visit the Authority's website to check whether providers have submitted an application or have been granted a licence.

Hosts Responsibilities
Unfortunately, some organisations are requiring all their service providers to obtain labour hire licences without considering whether the arrangement is for the provision of labour hire services, and in some circumstances hosts are requiring their service providers to provide confirmation that a labour hire licence is not necessary. 

Hosts should refer to the Authority’s website, the Act and Regulations to consider whether their own arrangements are for the provision of labour hire services.
If hosts are still unsure, they should consider seeking their own legal advice. Hosts should not be requiring their service providers to provide letters of exemption or confirmation that a licence is not required as the Authority cannot provide these.

To find out more about host obligations, please visit the Authority's website