Reminder: 1.75% Increase to National Minimum Wage to come into effect 1st November

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 1.75% increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) following its 2020 Annual Wage Review. The increase applies to awards in 3 stages, which start from the first full pay period on or after:

• 1 July 2020
• 1 November 2020
• 1 February 2021.
The Horticulture Award falls into Group 2 Awards, which means that the increase to that Award will apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 November 2020. For anyone not covered by an award or an enterprise agreement, the new national minimum wage will be $753.80 per week or $19.84 per hour. For more information see

 If you are uncertain what you should be paying an employer, the Fair Work Ombudsman has a helpful Pay Calculator which enables you to directly calculate their pay rate based on level of employment. For the Pay Calculator go to