Workplace Permits for all Hort workers required

The Victorian government announced new coronavirus restrictions to apply from 1pm Saturday 21 August, with regional Victoria moving to the same settings as Melbourne, with the only difference being that no curfew will apply outside Greater Melbourne.
One of the important new restrictions that will impact members is that workforce permits will be required for all authorised workers to travel to work from Midnight 23rd August at 11.59pm.
Horticulture is on the authorised workers list. It is the employers responsibility to provide the permits for their workers. Attached are the worker permits in word and pdf format to be completed on behalf of all employees.
More details about the permits can be found on the Vic Gov website -  This link is an excellent resource for growers providing answers to different workplace scenarios eg.  casual workers, employees working across multiple sites etc.
Please note that the Workplace Directions has been updated as at 21 August. Download here..