COVID-19 Agriculture Industry Reference Group Update

Fruit Growers Victoria (FGV) recently attended the Victorian Government COVID-19 Agriculture Industry Reference Group Meeting.  Along with providing industry feedback, FGV heard from The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  
DHHS provided some useful points below on what businesses need to do to ensure business continuity if there is a COVID-19 outbreak:
  • Have a working Covid-19 Health & Safety Management Plan in place, please see attached document .
  • Have ongoing clear records of workers, shifts, temperatures, contact details of anyone who has been at your workplace or at offsite or onsite accommodation and how they can be contacted
  • Have a Hygiene and Safety Procedures Plan in place (please see Citrus Australia info)
Having all the above in place along with social distancing and strong sanitation will ensure that if there is an outbreak, the potential of a full business shut down will be minimised. If there is an outbreak in a workplace, DHHS will deploy an outbreak squad to inspect the premises and work with the business and Infection prevention team to determine next steps.
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